Sabre Roundtable: What Happened vs. VT?

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1) If you were to give Virginia a grade for its overall performance against Virginia Tech, what would it be and why?

111 Balz: Grade? 0.0 … and that’s after giving 50 points for the band, and 25 to the students for getting up on time.

Nick: F. Not much question about this one. The coaches had a bad gameplan, which was then executed poorly by the players. I’m still shocked by the lack of any feeling of pace or continuity by the Virginia offense. During the game I was saying that it seems like we formed a gameplan of plays that don’t work against speedy defenses and tried to use all of them.

Greg: I’d say a D+ overall. Virginia simply did not do the things it needed to do to compete with a superior opponent. Turnovers, poor execution and a lack of mental toughness are a recipe for defeat.

John: A big, fat F. Sure, UVa did a few things right, but you can get a few answers right on a test and still fail miserably. That’s exactly what the game was for Virginia: a miserable failure.

2) What was the most disappointing thing about the loss?

John: That it wasn’t even competitive. Give the Hokies credit. They’re a very good team that played at a very high level, but there’s no way the Cavs should lose like that on their home field to anybody. The third-quarter collapse was particularly disappointing. Where’s the pride?

Nick: The offensive gameplan was atrocious. The first set of downs said it all – run outside, run outside, obvious screen pass. If I had to pick three plays NOT to open the game with, it would have been those three. You don’t attack a fast defense on the edge, and you certainly don’t run a “safe” screen pass in a totally obvious situation. The rest of the game wasn’t any better.

111 Balz: I ran out of bourbon in the first quarter. Normally it would have lasted me the whole game, but it just seemed wrong to face the second quarter