10 Things I Learned Against Wyoming

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Not a lot of mystery to this week’s list. In Groh-speak, the game was what the game was. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 10 things I learned from Virginia’s win over Wyoming.

1. A win is a win is a win . . . sort of. If a tie is like kissing your sister, the win over Wyoming was like kissing your step-sister. Or maybe a first cousin (no West Virginia jokes, please). That said, I cannot think of a more fitting end to that game, though I suspect that some of those that were booing probably would have said that UVa should have missed the extra point for an apropos ending.

Personally, I am with Groh as a card carrying member of the “a win is a win is a win” club. I do not feel that all wins are alike, mind you, and you have more on which you have to work coming out of some wins than others. But you have those same things to work on after losses, too, and I would much rather work with kids after a close win than a close loss. Plus, let’s keep in mind that NCSU right now would pay good money for an overtime win on a missed PAT against a non-BCS conference team, and FSU was in the same position deep into the fourth quarter.

Kevin McCabe seems to be the fans’ choice to start as UVa’s quarterback next week.

2. Everyone’s favorite topic, the quarterback controversy. There may be no topic that fans enjoy debating more than a quarterback controversy. Of course, I am not sure if there is much debate going on among the fan base on this issue, as far as it pertains to Kevin McCabe vs. Christian Olsen. Clearly, the fan base has anointed McCabe as the starter, and simply is waiting for Coach Groh to confirm the same.

So accepting that the board is not interested in discussing who should be the starter – and noting that Groh has no intention of discussing the topic publicly – the discussion really turns to whether McCabe