Jed’s Best Seat Buzz: What You See …

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“Jed’s Best Seat Buzz”
with Jed Williams

“You are what you are.”

In the gallery of Grohisms, this one has a wing all to itself.

Of course, Al wasn’t referring to Dave Leitao’s Cavalier hoops squad in his 4,178 (rough approximation) applications of the phrase, but he might has well have been.

Because halfway through a year that’s already an especially bouncy trip up and down Space Mountain, Virginia (9-6/1-2 and losers of three straight) has what it has and does what it does. And thus, “it is what it is.”

What it is is this: a team equal parts flashy, fragile, and flummoxing. When you have that many inconstants, the only true “control” is inconsistency. Variability is the norm. And frustration is the result.

Fans feed off of two entities. One tangible: championships. One intangible: hope. The Cavaliers aren’t winning any championships this spring. But are they building hope in their constituents? Long-term? A heavy lean in the positive direction. Short-term? Not so much.

Why? Because one has to question how much room on the growth curve remains for these energetic but limited Hoos. Can they raise their ceiling significantly over the next six weeks or are they nose up to it already?

I’ll hope for the former while believing – based on recent evidence – that the latter is a distinct possibility.

Before the year, I coined this group a potential “it” team. I’ve come to realize a better label to affix would have been “fun but flawed.” Doesn’t mean I don’t like this team or don’t enjoy watching them … that’s not the implication in the least. It simply means – to borrow Groh tribal speak – that “they are what they are.” That’s fine if you’re Florida or Ohio State. But not if you’re a middling ACC team fighting for any crumbs you can find. And it doesn’t appear to be a-changin’.

Here – in no particular order – is who and what Virginia Basketball is right now: