Vandy-Hoo: Looking Forward To It

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Can Mamadi Diane and the Hoos dunk VT’s sweep hopes?

Tonight’s game is almost here. The University of Virginia hosts Virginia Tech in an important game. Important to the Atlantic Coast Conference standings. The standings for basketball. Yes, you heard me right. Virginia Tech is coming to the JPJ for an important conference game in a sport that doesn’t involve football. In fact, the winner will have a legitimate shot at finishing the regular season with the best record and top seed in the conference tourney.

Needless to say, it’s not every year that our hardcourt match-up with our country cousins has such monumental repercussions. Some whacked out stars had to align for this to happen, starting with that silly “no” vote by Marye Anne Fox.

Well, a unique circumstance is one thing. But is this really something we should look forward to? Even more to the point: Is an annual Hokie-Wahoo basketball showdown for all the marbles something we want to see more? Perhaps even every year?

Some may argue that they’d rather not. I don’t know who these people are – maybe they’re heavily contributing donors. Maybe a bunch of strawmen I’ve invented to rip to shreds. Or maybe it’s you. Yes, you. Put down your Zima and listen up.

I can’t wait for tonight. I can’t wait!

The New Tobacco Road

Some of you strawmen out there may have struck some personal deal with the devil. The Hokies may have the upper hand in football, but we’ll take basketball (heck, and all the other sports as well as the Commonwealth Challenge) every year.

The argument goes something like this: If the Hokies aren’t competitive in basketball, the Hoos gain. The turkeys would cede two wins, the state’s basketball fans, scarce revenue, media attention, and the in-state recruiting bounty to their rivals up the highway. The Hokies get stuck with another empty trophy case. This world view of college basketball pictures the relationship between the two programs as a zero-sum game. The Hokies’