Experiment In Progress: Slotting

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Corey Mosley started practice at safety; he is listed as a running back/defensive back on the roster.

With Virginia’s training camp just a few days old, one hot topic (other than the heat, of course) has been slotting. After all, several players in the 24-member freshmen class could be placed at various positions. So where is Corey Mosley lining up? Ras-I Dowling? Anthony Mihota ? Those are just a few of the names that could be playing position roulette so the coaches can find the best spot for each player.

“Certain players, their position is clearly defined, that’s what they’re going to be. But for a lot of these players where we have various options, it’s a combination of what’s best for the player and what’s best for the team. What we’d like to do obviously is if you could match up the very best spot for the player to play [then it] would also be the spot that would help the team the most,” Groh said.

“Sometimes we start a player in a spot where he has the best chance to have positive circumstances early because he’s familiar with his position although it may appear down the line that he may develop into another spot,” Groh continued. “There’s a lot different factors that go into it. Sometimes we just need a little experimentation to find out what a player’s best possibilities are.”

In other words, fans will have to wait and see what the long-term results become for slotting this year’s class. For now, however, there are some revelations on who’s practicing where. Here are the players Groh has been asked about specifically:

Matt Conrath , 6’7″/252 pounds, is at defensive end. “That’s a good comparison to Chris [Canty]. When we first got here, Chris was in the low 250s and I think Matt Conrath is 252, the low 250s, so at this point that’s certainly an apt comparison.”

Anthony Mihota