10 Things I Learned From Miami

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Earlier this week, someone on the EDGE board asked me if I was going to the Navy-Notre Dame game this weekend. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you think I wish the answer had been “yes”?

Now, after watching my recording of the Navy-Notre Dame about … oh … say … 11 times, it is time to go back through the Hoos’ match-up versus the Hurricanes. Not quite as much fun, I am afraid.

1. Painful. When you give up more than 500 yards and 50 points, you got woodshedded on defense. When you go 0-for-whatever on third downs when the game actually was in doubt, you got clobbered on offense. When you lose the second half 28-0, you got embarrassed as a team.

UVa dropped its sixth loss of the season over the weekend.

Welcome to this weekend for the Hoos.

The funny thing was that there were things about this game that going in created a glimmer of hope. Miami was missing a ton of players on defense. Marc Verica had some success last year against Miami. The Hoos’ last trip to Miami worked out fairly well. Matt Conrath was back in the rotation on a defensive line that was playing well. Miami’s strength on offense (passing) plays into UVa’s strength on defense (the secondary). And somehow, with time winding down in the first quarter, UVa was up 10-3.

Less than two minutes later, however, Virginia was down 17-10 and hope was slipping away.

In a sense, the season has played out similarly. A weak start (0-3), a little hope (a three-game winning streak), and hope being dashed (three straight losses). Hopefully, the rest of the season does not play out like the second half of this last game. I do not know if my heart can take that.

2. Dysfunctional. If we needed a predictor of how UVa’s offense was going to do this year, we probably only needed to look back to last year’s offense.

In 2008, Virginia started the season with the spread as the primary offense. A couple of games in, UVa reverted