Breaking Down UVa Commit Darion Atkins

In case you missed it, UVa men’s basketball Darion Atkins , a senior out of Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland. Respected Sabre basketball contributor CVillehoops13 took some time to answer questions on UVa newest commitment.

In what has been called a thin class in terms of frontcourt talent, how good of an addition is Darion Atkins ? What is your evaluation of him to this point?

CVillehoops13: Looking at the roster it would be very hard for me to consider this recruiting class a success for Tony Bennett without adding some frontcourt depth. The problem with trying to add that depth in the ’11 class is that it is a very poor class for interior players and there simply isn’t much availability. Many high-major programs are reaching out and evaluating kids that they wouldn’t even consider in any other class and even the very best programs in the country are often having to choose between physical potential and developed skill – not many kids with both. While there has been a lot of conversation about landing a point guard, if you look at the roster adding guys who can play around the rim defensively had to be the highest priority for the staff and they absolutely pulled that off with Atkins.

Personally, I really like adding Atkins and I actually have had to watch out for favoritism when breaking him down. When evaluating a post player, offensively I first look for three things: 1. How are his hands? 2. What is his footwork like? 3. How does he get up and down the court?