10 Things I Learned 2010 … GT

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Mike London’s team is 2-3 so far this season.

In recent years, going against Georgia Tech’s rushing attack is no fun for many a good team. For a team in transition like this year’s Hoo squad, it proved to be far too much to handle.

1. Going In And Coming Out. For the second week in a row, I did not have a good feeling going into this game (my Chicken Little inclinations apparently in overdrive). Watching film in advance of the game, I saw match-ups that I thought UVa could exploit, especially with regard to the offense, but I was troubled by one key match-up: the Georgia Tech rushing attack vs. the Virginia defensive front seven. Given that Georgia Tech wants nothing better than to cut out your heart with its run game, that is not exactly the one match-up that is easy to overcome.

Understanding the problem with the match-up was not hard. Going into the year, it was clear that UVa was going to be very inexperienced at linebacker and was going to be shuffling its defensive line quite a bit. In a game like this one where assignment football is key, a front seven with arguably seven guys in new positions – and even if you view some of the 4-3 positions as being similar to the 3-4 positions, you had no more than three guys in the same positions – was going to have issues. And it did.

On top of that, our tendencies are becoming easier and easier to peg in many respects. For example, I think it was pretty clear that Al Groh was betting that if he took away Marc Verica ‘s primary or most comfortable read, Verica would not work through the progressions and would go right down to the dump (and Groh certainly had an advantage from knowing the personnel in this regard). This week, I think that was a good bet, especially with Verica obviously struggling to trust that he can sit in or move up in the pocket with the pass protection he has been getting recently. (This is a tendency that the offense must overcome in the next couple of weeks, and I think it does help that the offense had some fourth quarter success hitting some intermediate reads.)