10 Things I Learned 2010 … UNC

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Matt Conrath recovers a fumble against UNC.

1. Rock Bottom? At least a dozen times since the final whistle blew, I have been asked whether UVa now has hit “rock bottom.” After all, the home winning streak against UNC ended in horrific fashion, with just about everything going wrong that could go wrong. And beyond that, in a very real sense, Virginia looked like it was struggling to compete late in a game for the first time this year. As a result, UVa now stands at 2-4 without an ACC win or even a win against an FBS opponent. That has to be rock bottom, right?

Not for me.

Really, I think it depends on how you viewed this season going in. If you thought UVa had a chance to compete for a bowl game this year, then I suppose this could well be rock bottom since Virginia just played the first of the FBS games this year where one objectively could have thought that UVa had a chance to win … and instead, UVa gave the impression that it has no chance to compete in any FBS game.

For me, however, we hit rock bottom quite a while ago. For me, it always was difficult to envision the Hoos winning many games this year. For me, it was evident going into the year that the depth chart was a mess with certain key units and that the scheme changes, while necessary, were going to stress the roster even more. For me, it was clear that UVa’s upside on the offensive line was to be average. Add to that the question mark at quarterback, the inexperience at linebacker, the concerns in the place kicking game, the … well … you get the point.

In other words, I think we were at rock bottom going into the year. That did not mean and does not mean that after rock bottom, there were not more losses ahead. After all, take that same stressed depth chart we discussed above and subtract from it players who going into this season arguably were your best cornerback and player (Ras-I Dowling), tight end (Joe Torchia ), wide receiver (Tim Smith ), and tackle (Landon Bradley