10 Things I Learned 2010 … EMU

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LaRoy Reynolds and the Hoos added win No. 3 in 2010.

48-21 … we had them the whole time, right?

This game was one that admittedly looks better if you just see the final score, but with a nice little boost from special teams, the Hoos pulled away to a comfortable lead in the second half and ultimately to a win. Let me say that again … a win. This year, you have to take those whenever they come, however they come, and learn from what happened.

1. Perspective. I have used that word before this year, I believe, and I suspect I will use it again. In a year like this one, perspective will remain a constant challenge for the team, the staff, and the fans.

This year, for example, you are going to have a hard time convincing me that I should be upset after any win, and I do not care if it is a one-point win over Division 7 Sisters of the Poor. After all, we are coming off of a 3-win season where we did lose to an FCS opponent, and then lost a boatload of starters off of that team. On top of that, we effectively have lost our very best player – Ras-I Dowling – for the year thus far, and are turning over the entire program in terms of scheme and slotting.

So a 27-point win over anyone? Yeah, I will take that.

But beyond the win, there were aspects of the game that I liked seeing in all three aspects of the game. I liked the opening drive, a drive where UVA not only put a touchdown on the board but did so in a this-is-who-we-are fashion by running the ball, using play action, and going vertical when the safeties crept up. That is the offense Lazor is trying to put in place and while it is a work in progress, it is good to see things come together on an opening drive after a disastrous game last week.

I also liked what I saw in terms of many of the halftime adjustments, something Hoo fans have screamed for over the past few years (while they were told by their prior head coach that there really was no such thing). Take the defense, for example, where no one – players, staff, or fans – were all that happy about what they saw on Saturday. But if you