10 Things I Learned 2011 … Georgia Tech

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Perry Jones and the Hoos grabbed a huge win against Georgia Tech.

In this week’s edition about 287 Things I Liked About Beating Georgia Tech, we will discuss … wait, Kris Wright is on the phone … I’ll be right back … “Hi, Kris. What? I am only supposed to be writing 10 Things? But what if … well, I could … not paying me by the word for a 165,253 article? Well, okay, I understand. Got it.”

As I was saying, in this week’s edition of 10 Things …

1. Oh, What To Love Most … There are so many things to like about a win like this one.

You could start, of course, with the fact that UVa actually ended up winning the time of possession battle in this game. Against Georgia Tech. You could fall in love with matching Georgia Tech’s rushing attack yard for yard. You could fixate on how the Virginia defense only gave up 14 points on the afternoon. You could love how UVA came out of the gate hot, piling up a 14-0 lead before Georgia Tech blinked.

You could go on and on and on … but for me, the last 7:43 of the game were pure heaven. I could watch that 7:43 again and again and again.

The 7:43 started with Georgia Tech needing only a field goal to tie the game or a touchdown to move ahead, and the Georgia Tech offense was starting an offensive series in excellent field position at its own 42-yard line. From that point on, UVa abso-freakin’-lutely stoned the Ramblin’ Wreck or the Yellow Jackets or the Engineers or whoever they are this week. Stoned ’em.

The defensive series was a beautiful thing. While one might argue that UVa was fortunate that Georgia Tech suffered a self-inflicted wound on the first play of the series, fumbling the ball in the backfield on the pitch but that play was going nowhere anyway as both Cam Johnson and LaRoy Reynolds got outside leverage on the pitch side and Steve Greer was crashing underneath their fits. In