Evans Making Strides At Stripe

When it comes to free throws, Virginia point guard Jontel Evans is hard at work. Before practice. After practice. During practice.

The results are noticeable. Sabre poster No Fear Cavalier pointed out in the Virginia Tech Primer No. 2 article that Evans has gone 7 of 7 at the charity stripe in the last three games (4-4 at UNC, 1-1 at Clemson, 2-2 vs. Maryland). In the two games that he attempted free throws before this recent stretch, Evans made 4 of 11 (1-5 vs. Virginia Tech, 3-6 at NC State). Prior to the recent string of success, Evans made 21 of 36 at the line (58.3%) this season and 40 of 68 freebies (58.8%) in his first two years at UVa.

The reason for the improvement is clear too. As I first pointed out in my post-game EDGE analysis for the Maryland game, Evans has tinkered with his form on free throws. Previously, the ball was toward the center of his body at the start of the shooting motion and then he moved it back over his head or in toward his forehead when he shot the ball. Now, the ball is located toward his right shoulder and forward a little bit at the start of the shooting motion. When he shoots the ball, it goes straight into the motion instead of backward. Moving the ball those two inches approximately is producing dividends so far.