Virginia Basketball Double Bonus: Miami

Facing a short turnaround from its big win at Clemson, the Virginia men’s basketball team erased any letdown concerns with a dominant 60-38 victory against Miami on Monday. That stretched the Hoos’ winning streak at the John Paul Jones Arena to 23 games. The Double Bonus is back for a closer look.

Virginia Takes Advantage Of Switch Confusion

Jake Groves continued his recent red hot shooting against the Hurricanes with 12 points that included 2-4 shooting from 3-point range. That leaves his four-game percentage from behind the arc at 70.0%! He’s made a ridiculous 14 of 20 shots from downtown in that span. If you go back to the Wake Forest game on Jan. 13, he has produced 64.3% (18-28) 3-point shooting. Without question, that’s a big part of this recent 7-game winning streak by the Wahoos.

With that said, you would think the opponent would avoid leaving Groves open at all costs. Early in Monday’s game, however, Miami lost Groves completely on numerous occasions. That came as a result of confusion with switches on defense.

In this first clip, the Hoos run their 3-man motion concept as the scheme. Groves passes to the wing and then uses a fairly pedestrian back screen from Blake Buchanan to relocate to the ball side block. That cut actually follows Isaac McKneely, who uses the same kind of screen from Buchanan. In both cases, Miami’s Norchad Omier helps on the cutter and then moves back toward Buchanan. On the second cut by Groves, however, Matthew Cleveland tries to switch assignments with Omier. There is no obvious communication of that switch, though. Groves ends up alone on the block and Dante Harris zips the ball to him for the easy bucket.