Preferred Walk-Ons Podcast: The Beginning is pleased to introduce a new podcast partnership to be featured here on the site and through our social media channels.

Hosted by two people named Michael – ACC fans by birth, degenerate gamblers for mirth – The Preferred Walk-Ons Podcast is a college sports podcast through the lens of the ACC. Michael McGraw is a University of Virginia graduate and fan, while Michael Shutt is a life-long NC State fan. Both grew up watching the ACC and have insights on the history and present of the conference … plus plenty of healthy ABC – (Anybody But Carolina) bias.

For the pilot episode “College Basketball Season Preview”, the show previewed the 2022-2023 college basketball season. Topics include:

  • Teams with Final Four hopes (6:33)
  • ACC teams and players to watch (33:48)
  • Coaches on the hot seat (54:38)
  • The best (and worst) coaches to hang out with at a bar (1:11:29)
  • Dudes to remember! (1:19:00)

Check it out wherever you listen to podcasts or via the player below!

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    1. Keep an eye on it and let us know. Sometimes, Apple takes longer to populate. But you can listen via the embed in the article as well.

    2. Yes, we have a submission into Apple. Should be there soon. It’s on Spotify and some other platforms now, but we’ll keep you in the loop!

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