Podcast: The Super Hoos’ Comeback Season

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The Virginia baseball team rallied from a slow start to the season and a loss in its NCAA Tournament opener to make the Super Regional in Columbia. Podcast takes a look at the dramatic run to the round of 16.

Editor Kris Wright, Associate Editor Chris Horne, and host Jeff Sweatman also discuss a hot streak for UVA football recruiting plus a big recruiting weekend for the basketball program. The show wraps up with a remix – Ortiz At The Bat. Check out the words at the end.

You can find the podcast on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more. You can listen to it embedded below too.

Here are the time stamps for this episode:

  • 0 – Introduction + Initial Baseball Weekend Thoughts
  • 7:12 – Stephen Schoch, Brandon Neeck, + More UVA Pitching
  • 16:44 – Game 7, Devin Ortiz, + More Baseball Thoughts
  • 28:24 – Virginia Football Recruiting
  • 43:16 – UVA Basketball Recruiting + More
  • 51:12 – Ortiz At The Bat

Ortiz at the Bat

By Jeff Sweatman

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Hooville 9 that day
They needed to win or else their season would fade away
They chose as their starter a 4th year who had pitched just two
Innings – that’s right – the last 2 years but had a job to do

Wahoo fans got up early for the 9am affair
Clinging to hope which springs eternal in orange wig hair
Outs were recorded by Monarchs and Hoos lickety-split
As we took comfort in knowing we would be last to hit

Columbia, South Carolina was the chosen site
Where the rains came & went & came again all Monday night
And into Tuesday rain fell while the game played on & on
Hits were in very short supply until later that morn

Ortiz pitched a gem; only 1 hit thru 4 innings thrown
Impatient Hoos were hacking away, leaving fans to groan
16 up, 16 down ODU’s hurler was dealing
Then a Logan Michaels double brought a different feeling

The Monarchs went to their bullpen, and for that Hoos gave thanks
Last of the 7th, a 1-run deficit in their ranks
But this wasn’t our Improbable Journey’s muted end
Oh no! We’d have plenty of time for trumpets blaring, friend.

ODU had scored in the 6th after an infield hit
An errant throw advanced him, only stopping for a bit
A steal of 3rd then ace Abbott coaxed a 2-out ground ball
but where shortstop’s normally found, there was no one at all

In the 7th, ODU looked like they’d add to their lead
But a SHOCHing Dippin’ Dots addict rode in on his steed
He wheeled & whirled like a Karate Kid crane kick of old
Nabbing the greedy would-be thief, a viral moment sold

This same Mr. Schoch went viral in his previous stint
Postgame when he meant what he said & he said what he meant
Caves may be his kryptonite or opposite of heaven
Follow him on Twitter at bigdonkey47

Bottom of 7, the Hoos took a lead ever-so small
A walk then a single, longest single you’ve ever saw
Hit the wall’s yellow line, but only 1 base was taken
The runner from 1st stopped at 3rd, perhaps a bit shaken

Ortiz hit a single, spun the baseman around at 3rd
The fielder whipped it to 2nd but “safe” was the ump’s word
The man on 3rd stayed where he was, which was smart at the time
Kent & Tappen got runs in, but were stranded on the vine

Schoch struck out 2 in the 8th but also walked 2 Monarchs
Another error helped, but the Hoos would still make their marks
By throwing a man out at the plate to stem this game’s tide
ODU’s 2 wild pitches tied us at 3, what a ride!

Several runners left stranded while still in regulation
Extra innings meant Hoos fans had looks of consternation
Ortiz strode up to the dish, no Casey sneer on his face
This humble Hoo launched that ball, at just the right time & place!

From a million Hoo throats & more there rose a lusty yell
It rumbled through the Blue Ridge, it rattled in the holler (I mean, dell)
That Good Old Song of Wahoowa, we’ll sing it o’er & o’er
It cheers our hearts & warms our blood to hear them shout & roar!

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