Studying The Wake Forest Model

Jed Williams

Virginia fans are hot, and I don’t mean Mike-Smith’s-daughter hot. I mean steamed. Incensed. Ablaze. Mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore.

The diehards are dying for UVa to buck its extended athletics’ swoon, one that dates back, at minimum, to a January 1, 2008 Gator Bowl collapse against Texas Tech and is now devouring its latest victim – another wretched men’s basketball season. Each fan has a different way of articulating the anger … a unique turn of phrase, analogy, or example to sum up the indigestion.

The wagging finger of blame has pointed at everyone from Al Groh to Peter Lalich , Dave Leitao to Craig Littlepage. Discontent has found convenient targets in re-seating, a signs ban, off-the-field attrition, coaching salaries, athletic director accessibility, and a host of others. Among the expressions of outrage overhead in Hooville: “Groh Must Go,” “Bring Back Terry,” “Bring Back Jeff” (seriously), and “What Would TJ Do?”